“3,2,1… And Premier” Intervista di Svetlana Zhohova

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by Svetlana Zhohova (Novaya Novgorodskaya Gazeta, 13 June 2012)


June 11, in Novgorod Theatre “Mali” was presented first night show „3 sisters“, staged by Swiss director Patricia Barbuiani. Hoping to escape confusion of viewers, director deliberately changes the word „three“ in Chekhov’s play. So do not look here Chekhov as usual classic. Chekhov will be here, but not the same way as you could imagine.

In Switzerland Patricia is known as a writer, who published five novels, winner of the European awards, playwright and founder of the theatrical company „Theatre X“. Patricia met with Novgorod Theatre in time of working together at the Kingfestival.

At the heart of the premiere is imaginative rethinking of themes of the three sisters. „I’m the second of three sisters, and this topic interests me personally. I would consider it over time. It all begins from the mythology basic that goes to fairytale, literature, and then to the theater, „- says the director.

The play begins from the story of three Moiras from Roman mythology. Goddess, that spun and cut the thread of human life, transformed into a teenage sisters from „Cinderella.“ In this case, the sisters are the antagonists. Then the audience had already met with young women – sisters Bronte that had won literary fame. Their relationships fill of mutual help and support. The last part is devoted to the „Three Sisters“ by Chekhov, but … it is a dream. The sisters are trying to survive, each of them has a own tragic story …

„When I was looking for how to realize this part, reading material, and found the words of Chekhov, which inspired me to work:“ You need to write about life is not what it is, and not with such a way it should be, but with such a way it appears in your dreams „- says Patricia.

Working with actors was created simultaneously in several languages: Italian, English, and sometimes – German. One of major problem was that the Italian text is not always coincided with the Russian.

– For me, the phrase often sounds like a melody, the music. But I hadn’t problems with actors – we all understand the language of the theater, and then they have begun to understand and Italian, – Patricia smiles.

Rehearsals began in  time of the symbolic date – May Day, Labor Day, and during that time the director had three days of holidays only.

„When I working as a director, I try to find the inspiration in the text – says Patricia. – But it seems to me that the text – this is something dead, and  in time to bring it on stage, you’ll need to give him a life. I am from a country with a different culture. My feelings about text are different then feelings of Russian about this text. The idea is not to do something new and original – its “cold” idea. I try to create something “warm” with the text and the actors.“

To bring the theatre performance to reality, director uses verbatim video from life of Novgorod families with real three sisters.

In future director of performance planning to present her play not only in Russian, but also in Italian, for creation a kind of „common link“ between the theater festivals in Novgorod and in Lugano.